Sexy Cuban | Famous People from Cuba


We pay homage to our fellow Cubans across the planet.


Some have endured extreme hardship to get where they are today. Others were torn from their country of birth to become world renowned stars in other nations. Some crossed treacherous waters to freedom, while others escaped from the Castro regime during trips abroad to then find stardom.

Conversely others remain in Cuba and have become world renowned stars in their own right. You see that’s what makes Cubans so unique, against the odds, whether in Cuba or elsewhere in the world, Cubans occupy some of the world’s most illustrious positions as Pop Stars, Musicians, Athletes, Baseball stars, models, Olympic stars, boxing legends; you name it, and we´ll name a Cuban Star you´ll recognize.

All these people have something in common though, they´re all “Sexy Cubans

Famous Cubans 101